The Kingdom of God Flag Company

The TRINITY Flag is not just a Christian flag, but the Kingdom Flag too.

The TRINITY Flag is not just a Christian flag, but the Kingdom Flag too.

The TRINITY Flag is not just a Christian flag, but the Kingdom Flag too. The TRINITY Flag is not just a Christian flag, but the Kingdom Flag too.

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About us

History of Business (Isaiah 48:17)

The Kingdom of God Flag Company is a for-profit e-commerce company.

I know now that God has been directing my steps (Psalm 23). The Kingdom of God Flag Company started step by step. As I look back, I can see how it came together. In the 1960’s, as a child in school, everyday, we all sang the “Pledge of Allegiance”. This song’s lyrics included “One Nation under God”. Also in school, we read about Betsy Ross as being the woman credited with making the first American flag. I am realizing now, what an impact that song and the United States flag had on me at a young age. I believe this is where the concept of making my flag with my God came from.

As a teenager in the 1970’s, my sisters and I joined a neighborhood church called Holy Trinity Church of God in Christ. During this time, my grandmother gave me a sewing machine and I took sewing classes in high school. I began altering my clothes. My sisters & I were in the choir, so I made at least four skirts (we wore long skirts to church at that time, they were called "maxi” skirts). I believe this is where the name of my flag originated in my heart.

Also as a teenager, one of my sisters and I participated in the Junior Achievement in our community. I believe we had made those round plastic lamp shades and those flat wooden bat & ball with a rubber string stapled to the bat. We even had the opportunity to sell them at a trade show sponsored by Junior Achievement. I remember when the class was over; we were taught how to liquidate our merchandise (; (JA Alumni).

Years later, I had the great opportunity to work for Loyola University Medical Center. We had the most wonderful Administration, who taught us self manage skills. I got elected the co-facilitator for our department's Patient Care Team. We typed up our own agendas and took the minutes of the meetings. We accomplished a lot for our department. When an issue that involved another department arose, we were able to sit down together for the resolution. I believe all of this combined with the fact that my husband & I have been landlords for over 30 years; my taste for business has only gotten stronger and better. I am ready to learn & do more.

I graduated in 2007 from the Joseph Business School (I am proud to be a JBS Alumni), an accredited program at my church; Living Word Christian Center, in Forest Park, IL ( Our visionary pastor and leader is Dr. William S. Winston. I know this is where I discovered the purpose for The Kingdom of God Flag Company / TRINITY Flag (Psalm 35:27).

The TRINITY Flag is the governmental flag for the Kingdom of God. The TRINITY Flag represents "justice" by eradicating injustice in all forms. Our goal is to sow profit from the purchase of the TRINITY Flag into like-precious-faith ministries & businesses, who has shown faithful in the work of God. Through the feeding & clothing, helping to build & rebuild houses, to provide healthcare, educating & ministering to God’s people; which is helping people in need (Isaiah 58:6-7 NLT). Be a partaker of God's plan !!!

"The TRINITY Flag is not only a Christian flag, but a Kingdom Flag too."